In line with ESORICS, SPOSE 2021 is planned to be held in a purely virtual form. See also the ESORICS 2021 main page

About the Workshop

Over the past decades, a multitude of security and privacy enhancing technologies has been developed and brought to considerable maturity. However, the design and engineering of such technologies often ignores the organizational context that respective technologies are to be applied in. Building upon the success of two past iterations held at ESORICS 2019 and 2020, this workshop aims to enrich engineering practice in the field of security and privacy with solid insights from organizational and behavioral sciences to pave the way for technical security and privacy mechanisms and systems that match organizational needs and givens better than current ones. We welcome technical contributions that soundly reflect insights from organizational and behavioral sciences as well as contributions from non-technical domains providing (empirical and theoretical) insights that help improve technical security and privacy mechanisms.

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Program Committee (preliminary, to be extended further)